Castel ball valves CO2

Connections: ODS
Suitable for: R744 (CO2)
Maximum pressure (PS): 60 – 140bar
Temperature range (TS): -40 to +150 ºC

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The Castel ball valves CO2 are available in standard manual and motorized version. The motor controlled ball valves are available in through and 3 way versions. The ball valves have a very high Kv value and therefore little resistance. All Castel ball valves are fitted with M4 or M6 tapping holes at the bottom.

The CO2 ball valves from Castel are available for PS = 60 bar, PS = 80 bar, PS = 120 bar, PS = 140 bar and, depending on this, provided with Cu, K65 or stainless steel connections.

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